New Charlton Industrial Estate

The first term’s Experimentation & Communication brief dealt with five alternative interpretations of a chosen site along the River Thames sourced from Digimap. AutoCAD, Photoshop and Illustrator have then been applied in conjunction with various mapping techniques, invisible and visible layers, photographic and digital imagery, scale, line work and hatches. Collectively this resulted in a more thorough contextual understanding of New Charlton ahead of spatial, temporal and materials studies in term 2.

Project Completion: December 2016

landscape architect
Detailed base map
landscape architect
Aerial mapping of invisible layers utilising high res image as base
landscape architect
Polyptych of New Charlton industries through the decades 1850s – present day
landscape architect
Scale comparison of New Charlton new industry versus comparable sites 1:15000
landscape architect
Operational diagram of trucks packing palettes 1:100

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